Wake Coffee

Wake Coffee

January 20, 2016

Branding Identity, Logo, Art Direction, Packaging Design

Wake Coffee is a local farm-to-doorstep coffee brand.
The client asked for a fresh, bold and playful looking design

The Challenge

This was the first paid job I was commissioned to do from a client.I was given complete freedom which was kind of terrifying giving the little experience I had had so far.

I started sketching some ideas to find the right direction

The Approach

My approach was to present a hand written looking logo, with a simple element representing waking up and starting your day with a good cup of coffee.

The Application

After creating the brand identity, it was time to put it into action

The most challenging (and exciting) design was by far the coffee bag: I wanted it to reflect the eco-friendliness of the brand, so we decided to use recycled paper, both for the bags and the stationery. The bags turned out simple yet modern and fresh, in particular I like the dotted map of the place the coffee comes from